Getting plugged into service is an important part of your walk with Christ, and we're excited that you're interested in using your gifts at Lakeland!

FIRST STEP: Take our spiritual gifts assessment to discover your strengths. Click here to take the Spiritual Gifts Discovery Assessment. Once you complete the assessment, you will also receive your results. Plus, to help you understand your gifts and how to use them—when you finish the assessment, you can download a profile sheet for each of your gifts on the website.

SECOND STEP: After discovering your spiritual strengths, come back to this page and look through the form below to see where you would like to use your strengths, passions, and skills in the various areas of ministry here at Lakeland. Fill out the form below and we'll make sure that the right person reaches out to you this coming week. Most areas of service are associated with a spiritual gift(s). If you're not sure where you want to help out, you can let us know that, too! We'd love to get to know you more and find the right place for you.

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