Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10).

This year our focus is to seek deeper connection with God and one another as we fulfill our mission and realize our vision as a church. We believe this is what more of Jesus looks like this year. We love Lakeland’s past and what He accomplished this last year and we know that God has more for us in our future.

To understand who we are, here is look at our core convictions about God and what He wants from us and the action steps that follow. We believe that as we take these steps, we will begin to fulfill our mission, to worship Christ in all things as we share Him with all people, and become what God is calling us to become,

A transforming community that finds deep joy in God and high value in all people.


This year we're committing to experience more of Jesus together. Here are some ways we can accomplish that goal:


Bring one friend to church or Alpha this year & practice "the 10-minute rule."

More about Alpha


Join two service projects, investing 4 hours of community service to care for seniors and under-resourced neighbors.

Check back for our latest service project


Take Lakeland's spiritual gifts inventory and join a ministry of Lakeland.



Increase your financial support of Lakeland by at least 1%.

Giving at Lakeland


Renew time spent with God by committing to daily Bible study and prayer for Lakeland.

Core Convictions and Commitments

These beliefs define our community and show us how we relate to Christ and each other. Roll over each box to learn more.



We believe God is real and good, the creator of all things, who loves and values all people.


Therefore we will Joyfully pursue, love, and trust God and love and value all people.


We believe all people are created for close relationship with God, but are separated from God because of sin.


Therefore we will remember that we were once separated from God and draw close to people who are separated from God.


We believe as an act of love, God sent His only son Jesus Christ who paid the debt for our sin by dying and rising from the dead, making reconciliation with God possible.


Therefore we will boldly live to help people reconcile with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


We believe God sends His Holy Spirit to awaken people to their need to repent and believe in Jesus Christ, empowering them to enjoy, serve, and remain close to God.


Therefore we will surrender to the Holy Spirit’s transforming power as we live for God.


We believe the entire Bible is God’s powerful truth where people experience God and His promises and learn how to follow Him.


Therefore we will read and obey the Bible everyday.


We believe the Church is a miracle, the diverse people of God united in Jesus Christ to help people know and follow Him.


Therefore we will share life together as we partner with God to make and develop followers of Jesus Christ.


We believe worship is our life response of love and surrender to God.


Therefore we will honor God with all our mind, heart, and actions.


We believe prayer is talking and listening to God, inviting Him into our lives, and asking Him to release His power in the world.


Therefore we will faithfully pray about all things with great expectation.

Statement of Faith

Learn more about Lakelands beliefs and the Evangelical Free Church.

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