Life is better together!

Here at Lakeland, we believe that life is better when you can grow in community with other Christians. Our small groups are more than just weekly bible studies, they're communities who provide love, support, and encouragement as each member takes the next steps in their walk with Christ.


Need help finding a group? Contact Larry Swinden at


Tuesdays, Evening // John & Molly Gustafson

Wednesdays, Evening // Matt & Shavonne Kearney

Fridays, Evening // Ted & Lisa Hanagan


Thursdays, Evening // Keith and Christy Koot


Tuesdays, Evening // Clark & Katie Cashman

Lake Villa/Lindenhurst

Wednesdays, Evening // Brad & Kim Anderson

Wednesdays, Evening // Dan & Beth Ann Burg

Wednesdays, Evening // Kevin and Elizabeth Ketchum

Thursdays, Evening // Grant & Kari Robinson

Round Lake

Wednesdays, Evening // Angel & Karen Caballero


Sat/Sun (alternating twice a month), Evening // Glen & Catina Roeck