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The world can be a complicated, chaotic place, and hard to figure out. It can be a place where people have different beliefs, making it a hard place to be yourself. Because of this, tough questions and difficult times might arise. At Lakeland Students, we are here to help you navigate this place that we call Earth. Whether you have big questions, or small, whatever background you might have been brought up into, whatever circumstances you are walking in, Lakeland Students is a place where you can feel the love of Jesus, grow in Him, and be sent out to impact others (Matt. 28:18-20) as you experience authentic community with us.


If you are in junior or senior high, we would love to see you at Rooted on Sundays @ 6pm. We are here to help students know Christ and equip them to reach the world. We provide a fun environment where teenagers can authentically be themselves while growing with others in a safe community. Wherever you are, we are here to help you know Christ better and share Him with the world!

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