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Safe Church Policy

We seek to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all children from birth through grade 6 participating in church life.

Who are the volunteers ministering to my children?


His Kids team members are interviewed, background checked, and are supervised during their ministry. The nursery and preschool rooms have viewing windows from the hallway. Parents are always welcome to visit in their child’s class.


What happens when my child needs to use the bathroom?


We encourage children to be as independent as possible. If assistance is needed, a female team member provides it. 


My child has allergies.


When you register your children, please tell us what their food, medicine or environmental allergies are. That information prints on the child’s nametag. In our classes we do not allow products with nuts or that are manufactured where nuts are present.


Will my child be exposed to sick children? What if they get hurt?


Our teams are careful about not accepting an obviously ill child into the classroom. If a child is injured, you will be informed and first aid will be given (ice pack, band aid).

What about emergencies?


If building fire alarms sound, our team will walk children from their classes to the south end of our property. Parents can check their children out from those areas. Please do not take your child from the group until the class has gathered outside and the teacher has accounted for everyone. Parents are asked to exit the building quickly and then go to their child’s group.


In severe weather we will move children to interior rooms which are posted in each classroom. If there is space, parents are welcome to join their children.

We're happy to answer any questions you might have.

Judy Crockett, Director of Children’s Ministry

Lindsay Onesti, Nursery Dept. Leader

Judy Crockett, Temporary Preschool Dept. Leader

Joyce Erickson, Pre-K/K Dept. Leader

Kim Anderson, TRU Dept. Leader