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Adult Bible Community

Sundays // 9:00am

Presented in a small group environment, this group meets during the 9:00am service. The ABC will hosting a book study of Hebrews led by Brad Anderson beginning October 29. Hebrews places great emphasis on the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ as the basis for our acceptance before God, and calls us to holy living and perseverance. The group meets in room 329.


Lakeland Church Home Educators

LCHE is a co-op of homeschool families that meets Wednesdays to work through the curriculum “Tapestry of Grace.” They also hold Spanish and Science classes on Fridays. Find out more about this group on the Home Educators page.

50 & Beyond


This group meets once a month at the home of Ralph and Carol Larson for a meal and fellowship. If you’re 50—or beyond—you’re more than welcome to join. Bring whatever food you’d like to share. Contact Carol Larson for more information about the group.